SpecOps is the division from the Thursday Next series that do jobs considered too specialized for the local police to handle. There are 32 SpecOps departments. There is something of a policy regarding those below SO-9 in that they consider themselves "above the law".

The known SpecOps departments are:

  • SO-1: Internal Affairs
  • SO-2: Weirder Stuff
  • SO-3: Weird Stuff
  • SO-4 & SO-5: Search & Containment
  • SO-6: National Security
  • SO-9: Anti-Terrorism
  • SO-12: ChronoGuards
  • SO-13: Re-Engineered Species
  • SO-14: Public Relations
  • SO-17: Vampire and Werewolf Disposal Operations
  • SO-21: Transport Authority
  • SO-24: Art Crime
  • SO-27: Literary Detectives (LiteraTecs)
  • SO-28: Tax Evasion
  • SO-30: Neighborly Disputes
  • SO-31: Good Taste Education Authority
  • SO-32: Horticultural Enforcement Agency